《中国推介》:大美大埔 常来长寿

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1600多年前,More than 1600 years ago,

客家先民辗转万里来到大埔,the Hakka ancestors traveled thousands of miles to Dapu,

和这一片多情的山水相遇,and met this amorous landscape.

从此,这里的灵山秀水渐渐幻化成一片人间仙境。Since then, landscape here gradually turned into a fairyland.

大家好!Hello everyone!

我是广东省梅州市大埔县人民政府县长熊锋松。I am Xiong Fengsong, county mayor of people's government of Dapu county, Meizhou city, Guangdong province.

下面,请放慢您的脚步,Next, please slow down your steps,

放松您的心情,relax your mind,

随我一同走进人间仙境——美丽大埔。and walk into the fairyland- beautiful Dapu with me.

人生大埔走,Life in stride,

相见甚难忘。meet and memorable.

走进大埔,Walking into Dapu

就如同走进了一幅浓墨重彩的风物画卷,is like walking into a colorful landscape scroll.

这里风景如画,风光如诗,风情如歌,With picturesque scenery such as poems and songs,

被誉为客家香格里拉。it is known as Hakka Shangri-la.


Fascinating humanity show area

大埔是一块令人神往的人文秀区,Dapu is a fascinating humanity show area.

“文化之乡”美名远播,Its "culture town" has a long-standing reputation.

孕育出张裕葡萄酒创始人张弼士、It has bred a large number of historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhang Bishi, the founder of Changyu Wine,

中共早期活动家罗明、Luo Ming, an early activist of the Chinese Communist Party,

百校之父田家炳等一大批历史文化名人, and Tian Jiabing, the father of a hundred schools.

近代更是诞生了121位将军。In modern times, 121 generals were born here.

“一腹三翰院”、 The allusions such as “one mother with three officers”,

“一门两总理”、"one clan with two prime ministers",

“一家三将军”"one family with three generals",

“一期四主席”等典故流传至今。and "one period with four chairmen" have passed down till now.

这里是中国花环龙之乡,Here is Chinese garland dragon dance town.

花环龙舞姿翩翩、洒脱大气;the dance is trippingly, free and easy.

这里是中国广东汉乐之乡,Here is the hometown of Han music in Guangdong, China.

广东汉乐悠扬古雅、韵味无穷。the music is melodious and quaint with infinite charm.

这里有各类特色民居3500多座,There are more than 3,500 residential buildings with various characteristics here,

被称为“中国客家民居大观园”,which are called "grand view garden of Chinese hakka residential buildings".

“客家鸟巢”土圆楼花萼楼、"hakka bird's nest" Tuyuan building calyx building,

“客家水立方”泰安楼, "Hakka water cube" Tai 'an building

“一方一圆”独具魅力。"one square and>【令人神往的红色热土】

Fascinating red hotland

这里是一块令人神往的红色热土,Here is a piece of fascinating red hotland,

是广东省首个被认定的中央苏区县,is the first identified as the central Soviet area in Guangdong province,

有着众多红色故事和记忆,with many red stories and memories.

人们不会忘记, People will not forget,

中央红色交通线安全护送了200多位开国元勋 the central red line safely escorted more than 200 founding fathers

和大批物资进入中央苏区, and a large number of materials into the central Soviet area,

更不会忘记,even not forget

1927年的秋天,the autumn of 1927,

朱德指挥的三河坝战役,Sanheba battle command by Zhu De,

成功掩护了八一南昌起义军南下, successfully shielded the Nanchang uprising from moving south,

保存了革命火种,preserved the revolutionary fire,

才有了后来的井冈山会师,and have the later Jinggangshan meeting,

从而开启了中国革命新篇章,which opened a new chapter in the Chinese revolution.

从这场战役走出了国家领导人和共和国将帅数十人,Dozens of national leaders and republic commanders have emerged from this battle,

包括开国总理周恩来 including the founding prime minister Zhou Enlai,

及朱德、陈毅等6位开国元帅。and six founding marshals including Zhu De and Chen Yi.


Fascinating longevity land

这里是一块令人神往的长寿福地,Here is a piece of fascinating longevity land.

森林覆盖率近80%,With a forest coverage rate of nearly 80%,

是国家重点生态功能区。it is a national key ecological area.

这里水质优良,The water here is excellent,

空气清新, the air is fresh,

土壤富硒,the soil is rich in selenium.

负氧离子含量普遍在每立方厘米1万个以上,The content of negative oxygen ions is generally more than 10,000 per cubic centimeter,

土壤每公斤硒含量高达1.9毫克。and the content of selenium in the soil is up to 1.9 milligrams per kilogram.

这里是远近闻名的中国小吃名县,Here is a famous Chinese snacks county,

200多种风味小吃,more than 200 local snacks,

还有蜜柚、茶叶等上百种长寿食品,and hundreds of kinds of longevity food, such as honey polemo, tea,

深受海内外食客的青睐,which favored by diners at home and abroad.

大埔当之无愧地获得了“世界长寿乡”之称。Dapu deserved to be the title of "world longevity town" .


Fascinating tourist resort

这里是一块令人神往的旅游胜地,Here is a piece of fascinating tourist resort.

是“中国青花瓷之乡、It is "China's blue and white porcelain town,

中国名茶之乡、China's famous tea town,

中国蜜柚之乡”,China's honey grapefruit town".

是“全国休闲农业与乡村旅游示范县”、It is "national leisure agriculture and rural tourism model county",

“新时代中国最佳生态康养旅游名县”,"new era China's best ecological health care tourism county",

拥有百侯名镇、泰安楼客家文化旅游产业园。has Baihou famous town, Tai’an building Hakka culture tourism industrial park.

北塘村还入选全国首批乡村旅游重点村。Beitang village has also been selected as>这里的客家文化、红色文化、The hakka culture, the red culture,

陶瓷文化、长寿文化 the ceramic culture and the longevity culture here

总是让人心生涟漪、驻足流连。always make people ripple and linger.

大美大埔,常来长寿!Beautiful Dapu, come and live long!

我们相约在美丽大埔、We appointment in beautiful Dapu,

相见在长寿大埔、meet in longevity Dapu,

相聚在客家香格里拉,and together in Hakka Shangri-la.

我和57万热情好客的大埔人民期待您的到来!The 570,000 hospitable people of Dapu and I are looking forward to your arrival!